Our hair salon is an inclusive space where you can be who you want to be. When you step into London Road Salon you’ll be met by Beth who will welcome you with a drink and a friendly chat. We care about your wellbeing, not just your hair. We want you to leave the hair salon feeling revitalised and we’ll do that through great service, great chat and great haircuts!


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Meet Dolly, Director at our Hair Salon in Milton Keynes


Salon Owner/Director

Hi! I’m Dolly; salon owner, hair stylist and empowerment advocate. I really do love my job; hair and people are my two passions. I especially love curly hair, extensions and vivid colours.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with hair. There was a time when I didn’t think I could live my dream and thought I would never work doing something I loved so much, so I always feel grateful to be where I am right now. I often feel like I’m living the dream!

Our mission at London Road Salon is simple, and that’s to make you feel great on the inside and outside. Your wellbeing is our priority, so come on in, feel pampered and leave feeling like a new woman! (Or new man!)

When I’m outside of work, I’m enjoying life with my boy and my dog, Sonny.

My colleagues would describe me as a colourful, creative and big picture person who gets things done and makes things happen! A trailblazer who makes way for new and wonderful things but as ditsy as they come!

If you’d like to book an appointment me at our hair salon in Milton Keynes, please contact London Road Salon on   01908 262 343


Sarah, Principal Stylist at our Hair Salon in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford


Principal Stylist

Hi, I’m Sarah..I’ve been in the industry for 25 years now and have learnt lots of new skills along the way. 

I love to see new techniques come in and throw myself into learning and perfecting these to be able to give  my clients exactly what they’re after. 

I love long hair, be it an up do, curly blowdry or a beautiful smooth and straight, coupled with a balayage is one of my favourite things to do. 

Outside of the salon I love spending time with my 3 girls and having fun with friends. I’m always on the go and waiting for my next challenge.













Paulina, Massage Therapist at our Hair Salon  in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford


Massage Therapist/Numerologist

My name is Paulina and I've been a massage therapist since the early 90s and a numerologist for about 25 years. I just love helping and healing. Some of my proudest moments include providing number therapy on Good Morning live TV and performing a stand-up talk about massage to the Women's Institute.

I offer many types of massage and have trained here in the UK and in Thailand.

My signature massage is Dancing Dragon full body massage, a unique treatment that I specialise in for relaxation and well being. I also offer Aromatherapy massage and a couple of chair based massage therapies, to accommodate clients with limited time or who need emergency interventions.

I am also qualified in waxing.

I am married to Alex who you can also find working at London Road Salon. Together we run the Mind Body Network.

Contact me at London Road Salon if you are interested in alternative therapy and massage in Milton Keynes.


Alex, Hypnotherapist at our Hair Salon  in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford



Hi, my name is Alex and provide a range of services aimed at helping people make useful changes and improve their lives. I have been a therapist since 1992, having owned and run one of the first on-site massage companies in the UK with my partner Paulina, who I still collaborate with

I have extensively qualifications as a practitioner, master practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, and have qualifications in NLP, and NLP coaching. I have been working mostly with students to help them get through driving tests and have my own trademarked methodology which I use to this day.

As an ex-smoker and having battled this issue for decades, I am particularly passionate about helping people to stop smoking and have a very high success rate with this.

I love helping people and have spent most of my life doing so. I’m taking my therapy skills in a new direction this year, focusing on more clinic based work and establishing myself more traditionally at a comfortable location, to allow better access for my customers.

Contact me at London Road Salon if you are interested in alternative therapy and massage in Milton Keynes.

Sonny, Mascot at our Hair Salon  in Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford


Salon Mascot/Security

Sonny is our security who protects the salon from trespassers! However, don’t be fooled by his big eyes and pretty blonde hair, he will capture your attention within minutes of you entering the salon. You will find yourself transfixed, stroking him and wanting to put him in your handbag

Sonny is a great hypnotherapist and you will leave your session of stroking him, feeling calm, relaxed and in love!

His colleagues would describe him as attention seeking, time consuming, relaxing and cute. He is super photogenic and loves the limelight. If he’s not in the salon he is always missed!







Brilliant, staff are polite and courteous and also like to have a joke with each other which creates a friendly atmosphere. Dolly deserves a mention as she has been so helpful and given me some great advice on how to look after my daughter's curly hair, and my daughter often tells me "Dolly said........" when we are talking about her hair.